Open source Laravel news application

Single Story

The one story that matters most, straight to your inbox.

Single Story saves you from the never-ending news cycle, by emailing you the most-popular article from your preferred news source, every day (or week, if you prefer).

One article doesn’t sound like much, but because it’s the most-shared article there’s a good chance it’s the thing you most need to know. And then you can get on with your day.

Single Story supports over 30 news sources. You control whether you want to receive an article every day, once a week, or not at all (because we all need a break sometimes).

The entire project is open source, and free to use.

Technical details

  • Single Story is built using Laravel 5.5. It uses Blade for templating, and SASS for styling.
  • News stories are retrieved from using a scheduled Laravel job. You can easily swap out news sources, as required.
  • The code is formatted using PSR-2.
  • The architecture follows the SOLID principles.
  • A comprehensive test suite—both unit and integration—ensures everything runs as expected.
  • You can review the entire codebase at

Key skills

  • Custom Laravel application development
  • Integration with third-party APIs
  • Password-less sign-in, built from scratch
  • Scheduled generation of user-specific emails

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Stephen worked on many core parts of Previz, and has been pivotal to its success. His work on asset management in particular solved a major pain-point for our users. He also identified—and fixed—serious performance issues on several key application pages.

Thanks to his smart architectural choices, we have a strong foundation for the future. Thanks to his passion for testing, we have a cleaner, and more maintainable codebase.

Photograph of Joel Bradbury
Joel Bradbury CTO, Previz LLC