Service monitoring for web agencies

Happy Stack monitors the services a website depends on and notifies you agency when there's an issue.

The problem

There are countless website monitoring services that will ping your endpoints and examine your uptime.

But what about the services that a website depends on? Your registration page may load in a millisecond, but it's not much good if the service you use to send verification emails is down.

Some services have status pages. Others have RSS feeds. Some simply rely on Twitter. Keeping track of everything is tedious and time-consuming.

This is particularly problematic for small web agencies responsible for hosting and monitoring their clients' websites. Each project has its own set of services, and each client needs to be notified when there's a problem.

The solution

Happy Stack automatically monitors over 250 services, using a combination of first-party APIs, status feeds, and (when all else fails) web scraping.

Each project within Happy Stack defines the list of services to monitor and the agency and client notification settings. The agency can instantly see the status of all of its projects using the live status dashboard.

Sophisticated scheduling rules ensure that clients don't receive notifications in the middle of the night, and never receive more than one per day.

The entire project, from initial idea to launch, took less than 10 weeks.

Happy Stack